Monday, March 30
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INJAZ Bahrain becomes pivotal for SMEs development

Manama, INJAZ Bahrain's emergence as a catalyst to develop the private sector through public private Partnership (PPP) has been praised as Bahrain is encouraging the startup and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector.

The number of students participating in INJAZ programme has been increasing every year since the launch of the initiative," Ahlam Al Amer, Director of Private Education at the Education Ministry, said.

"This initiative is beneficial to the Ministry of Education as well as the Ministry of Education has introduced some subjects in coordination with INJAZ related to commercial and educational aspects of education.

The direct benefits for participating students are very rewarding as many participants start their own business and enter practical life by reaping the advantages of this initiative and indirectly contributing to the national economy, she told the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

She was speaking on the sidelines of the INJAZ Bahrain launching ceremony for annual Appreciation Ceremony held at the Ministry of Education premises on Tuesday.

INJAZ Bahrain, a leading non-profit organization, and a major participant in promoting the role of Bahraini youth in the realization of Bahrain's prosperous future, held a ceremony to thank the Ministry of Education for all the support they have provided with creative engagement, strategic initiatives and economic empowerment.

INJAZ initiative is also in line with the Government policies to support and encourage the small businesses to enter the broader economic spectrum. INJAZ model is a first step for the students and we have introduced to all tiers of educational system from primary to intermediate and graduation so that at each stage participants can learn all aspects of business, she said. INJAZ project also help to provide exposure to the participants by competing in regional and international arena.

The ceremony, held at the Ministry's premises, was attended Dr. Fawzi Al Jowder, Hana Sarwani, INJAZ Bahrain's Executive Director, INJAZ Board of Directors, and over 500 guests, including ministry delegates, volunteers, corporate sponsors, principals and teachers from both public and private schools and universities.

INJAZ is a golden opportunity for all students as I personally believe in such initiatives aimed at providing practical lab for the students, Latifa Isa Al Bunoodha, Assistant Undersecretary for General and Technical Education at the Ministry of Education, told the BNA.

The support of Ministry of Education we are thankful to INJAZ for providing such opportunities aimed at exploring the Public-Private Partnership in seizing huge opportunities in developing the youth. INJAZ is a success story of a PPP model while working with both public and private schools and this year, so far, 30,000 students have joined the INJAZ initiative. We have also heard from the participating schools that students have developed a successful business models and some of the projects even earned profits as well. We believe such efforts will translate into unlocking the huge potential amongst the young entrepreneurs and in medium to long term will create an SMEs echo system, she added.

Source: Bahrain News Agency