Thursday, April 2
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The largest since the end of the Cold War .. NATO will carry out huge maneuvers in Norway amid a Russian rejection

BAGHDAD, About 50,000 troops will begin on Thursday in Norway, the biggest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War.

The training, which runs until Nov. 7, aims to train NATO troops to rescue one of its members.

"The exercises should show the alliance's defensive capabilities against any enemy and it does not target any specific country," said Admiral James Fogo, Commander of NATO's Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"Norway has a border with Russia and the massive force supported by 150 planes, 60 ships and about 10,000 vehicles will show that these forces can be quickly mobilized to defend an ally," Fogo said.

"Russia does not pose any direct military threat to Norway," Norwegian Defense Minister Frank-Pakey Jensen said.

Russia has shown its displeasure, although the exercises will take place in the Arctic, a long distance from the Russian-Norwegian border, which is about 198 km long.

Russian military observers and observers from Belarus have been invited to observe the exercises.

It would be the biggest movement of its kind for military and NATO vehicles since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, although it is smaller than Vostok-18, conducted by Russia and China last month.

The training aims to teach troops how to move with great force and speed in the event of any invasion against a NATO member state when Article 5 of the Joint Defense Charter is activated.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency