Saturday, April 4
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Azeri Council of Journalists calls for unifying media efforts, in the Islamic world, to fend off malicious attacks on KSA

Baku, The Council of Journalists, in Azerbaijan, called for consolidation of media efforts, in Islamic countries, to counter the attack on Islam and Muslims, in general, and malicious attacks on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), in particular.

Stressing that the false accusations that some media, the council's statement said that, they are only trying to promote a conspiracy and a cheap and failed attempt to weaken the Islamic nation and pressure the Kingdom.

This came during a meeting in the Azerbaijani capital Baku here today, during a meeting of the Union of News Agencies of the Islamic countries.

Head of the Council of Journalists and Member of the House of Representatives of Azerbaijan Aflatun Amashov called on the Arab and Islamic media to investigate the accuracy and objectivity, stressing the importance of cooperation between news agencies, in Islamic countries, to serve the Islamic world and its various issues.

Source: Saudi Press Agency