Thursday, April 2
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Oil prices rise for the first time in 3 days

BAGHDAD, Oil prices jumped for the first time in three days, but increased supplies and concerns over demand expectations in the US-China trade war kept the market on hold.

London Brent crude futures rose 49 cents to $ 76.40 a barrel. The contracts fell 1.8 percent on Tuesday and touched their lowest level since August 24 at $ 75.09 a barrel.

US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 28 cents to $ 66.46 a barrel. Contracts fell 1.3 percent on the day before hitting a 17-month low of $ 65.33 a barrel.

The benchmark crude fell about $ 10 a barrel from its four-year high in the first week of October, on the worst monthly performance track since July 2016.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency