Saturday, March 23
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Six people died and four houses in Wasit fallen down by rain and storms

Kut, The Crisis Operations Room in Wasit province announced today that the rain and storm that hit the areas of the province yesterday evening resulted in the death of (6) people with the fall of (4) houses.

An official source told NINA that the province, as a result of its exposure to a storm last night accompanied by heavy rainfall in most areas of the province, saw the fall of (4) houses in the areas of Aziziyah and Muwafaqiyah, and led to the death of (6) people including a girl and a child.

"The local government has declared a state of emergency to deal with the effects of the weather in the province for the first time due to the strength of the windstorm and the quantities of rain falling, as well as to prepare fully to face the floods of water coming from Iranian territory on the eastern border area of the province."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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