Monday, March 18
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The Int’l Coalition: We Implemented 39 Operations In Iraq In Less Than A Week

BAGHDAD, The US-led coalition to fight Daesh Organization announced the launch of 39 military operations in Iraqi territory in less than a week.

The coalition said in a statement that it "carried out 17 raids targeting targets belonging to Daesh organization in different areas of Mosul, Anbar and Salahuddin, according to statistics relating to the raids and clashes carried out by our forces for the period between 18 and 24 November 2018.

The coalition added that "the clashes faced by our forces were of 22 clashes against fighters of Daesh organization," noting that "the operations were in Lake Hamrin city, Anbar, Lake Tharthar, Baiji, Wadi al-Shay, Mosul and Qayyarah military airport."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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