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Month: December 2018

Syrian documentary “Jasmine” wins Grand Prix at Arab-African Documentary Festival, Morocco

Damascus-Syrian documentary Jasmine by Director al-MohannadKalthoum on Sunday evening won the Grand Prix at conclusion of the 7th edition of Arab-African International Documentary Festival in the Moroccan city of Zagora.The Festival was held under the title Peoples' Culture through Documentary Cinema with the participation of more than 12 documentaries from Arab, African and foreign states.The jury of the festival said that Jasmine film reflects the real suffering of Syrian children due to the war waged against their homeland, as it was able to create a notable effect through the direction and scenario and the sequence of stories told by those innocent children who still have hope to continue to live.Jasmine Film has won more than 75 awards through its international and Arab participation...

Al-Hakim and Allawi emphasize the need to complete the cabinet and government support

BAGHDAD - The Head of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Al-Hakim, and the Head of the National Coalition IyadAllawi stressed the need to complete the Cabinet and support the government."The Head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance Ammar al-Hakim discussed with the leader of the National Coalition IyadAllawi, the political scene and bring the views and unify the visions among the political blocs, especially Reform and Reconstruction on one hand and the block of Construction and let everyone to shoulder his responsibilities towards the Iraqi reality.The two sides stressed the importance of supporting the government to achieve its service and development, and stressed to take the priorities of the community on the basis of the primacy of the preference of the public interest o...

Al-Suhail: Protecting borders from the infiltration of terrorism from Syria is an important priority for the government

Baghdad, Member of the House of Representatives for the Right bloc Hisham al-Suhail stressed that the protection of the western border with Syria from the infiltration of terrorists is an important priority for the government.He told NINA news agency that the sudden US withdrawal from the areas of terrorism in Syria has led to new pressure on the Iraqi government to protect the border further to prevent the infiltration of terrorists, especially the areas liberated from terrorism in particular.Al-Suhail said that the situation in the region is moving towards new challenges and terrorism is trying to take advantage of any gap here or there to spread its poison and criminality, and we must stand firmly against any attempts to return terrorism to our country."He stressed the importance of spe...

Syria’s national football team beats Yemeni counterpart 1-0 in a friendly match

Abu Dhabi, Syria's national football team beat its Yemeni counterpart 1-0 in the friendly match which was held on Sunday in Abu Dhabi in preparation for the Asian cup finals due to start on January 5th, 2019.Syrian player Omar Khreibin scored the sole goal in the 68thminute of the game.The Syrian team plays in the finals in the second group along with Palestine, Jordan and Australia.Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

A Russian-Turkish agreement on “coordination” in Syria after the US decision to withdraw

BAGHDAD, Russia and Turkey have agreed to "coordinate" their field moves in Syria after the United States withdraws its troops from northern Syria."During these talks, we agreed to continue the coordination of Russian and Turkish military representatives in line with the new situation in order to eradicate the terrorist threat in Syria," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the end of talks in Moscow between the two countries.Lavrov expressed his "optimism" after these talks, in which he participated in particular the Defense Ministers of the two countries, Khulusi Akkar and Russian Sergey Shweigo.Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Zhaoshoglu said: "We discussed ways to coordinate our joint action in the context of the departure of US forces." We have a common desire to clean up Sy...

Illegitimate US coalition acknowledges killing 1140 civilians in Syria and Iraq

Washington, The illegitimate coalition led by USA acknowledged killing 1140 civilians in raids launched on Syria and Iraq since 2014.The coalition attempted as usual to reduce the number of victims, saying in a statement published by TASS news agency that 1139 civilians were killed inadvertently in the raids.Since its formation outside the umbrella of UNSC in 2014, the international coalition committed dozens of massacres by bombing residential areas in Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Hasaka, in addition to destroying infrastructure under the pretext of combating Daesh while data shows the close link between the coalition and the Takfiri organization for targeting the Syrian Arab Army and residential areas in the eastern region.Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

UNIFIL statement on the investigation into crossBlue Line tunnels

In a press release by UNIFIL in Lebanon, it said: "On the 26 and 27 December, in the course of the ongoing investigation into the presence of tunnels along the Blue Line, UNIFIL together with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) surveyed the premises of an old concrete factory in the southern part of Kfar Kela, after UNIFIL had observed liquified cement flowing out from the building within this facility. The liquid overflowing on the Lebanese side had been injected by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) through a shaft drilled on their end of a tunnel that UNIFIL had previously independently confirmed to be crossing the Blue Line in the same general area. Based on this observation, UNIFIL can confirm that the old concrete factory in Kfar Kela has an opening to the tunnel, which is crossing the Blue...

Lavrov: Reaching solution for crisis in Syria based on respecting its sovereignty and unity

Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed the need to continue efforts to eliminate terrorism completely and reach a political solution for crisis in Syria that respects its sovereignty and territorial integrity as per Security Council resolution no. 2254.In a press conference on Saturday with Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, Lavrov said that they discussed the steps for implementing the tasks put forth in the Astana formula, particularly regarding fighting terrorism and providing suitable conditions for the return of displaced Syrians.He added that they focused on the situation in Syria after the withdrawal of US forces that are present illegally, and understanding was reached regarding coordinating steps on the ground under the new conditions.Lavrov said that they disc...

Nebenzya: Syrian army control on borders with Iraq will curb threats of Daesh

Moscow, Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya affirmed on Saturday that the Syrian army control on borders with Iraq will curb threats of the terrorist organization of Daesh.Nebenzya, added in an interview with NOVOSTI that Moscow is confident that the Syrian army control over the Syrian-Iraqi borders will help eliminate the threat posed by Daesh.He said that the withdrawal of foreign troops, present on the Syrian territory without the acceptance of the Syrian legitimate authorities, is a step in the right direction.Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

The President of the Republic receives the Jordanian PM and confirms Iraq’s keenness to develop relations between the two countries

BAGHDAD, President of the Republic Barham Salih stressed during his meeting with Jordanian Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz and his accompanying delegation the importance of strengthening ties of brotherhood and developing means of constructive cooperation between Iraq and Jordan, and raise them to achieve the aspirations of the two brotherly peoples.The President stressed during the meeting the importance of consolidating the foundations of peace and stability in the region, and the need to avoid the futility of wars and conflicts that drain the human and material energies, and to resort to a language of serious and frank dialogue to deal with all crises.Salih discussed with Jordanian Prime Minister the expansion of bilateral cooperation in the fields of industry, trade and energy, as well a...