Sunday, January 19
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Fadlallah, Hashem partake in Association of Asian Parliaments meetings in Istanbul

The Lebanese parliamentary delegation which includes MPs Hassan Fadlallah and Qassem Hashem is participating in the meetings of the Parliamentary Committee of the Association of Asian Parliaments, currently held in Istanbul in the presence of representatives from different countries.

Deputy Hashem delivered Lebanon's statement at the meeting, calling on attendees to mark "the necessity to put an end to the continued Israeli occupation practices against the Palestinian people, with the support of the international community."

The Deputy also urged participants to "end the wars in more than one country, and to confront all kinds of injustice and terrorism as soon as possible."

Hashem talked about the Lebanese experience in defeating the Israeli enemy and terrorism on its soil.

"The Israeli occupation and terrorism have tried to destabilize Lebanon's security and stability, but the Lebanese national will and the internal unity have put an end to terrorism and the enemy's ambitions," he said.

Hashem added that "the internal unity in Lebanon has put an end to the greed of the Israeli enemy by imposing a balance of deterrence and the establishment of new rules."

Source: National News Agency

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