Sunday, January 26
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Machnouk: Judicial investigation will determine responsibility for the death of Abu Diab, We will not be dragged into sedition regardless of their actions

In an issued statement Sunday by Caretaker Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nouhad al-Machnouk, he stressed that the judicial investigation will determine the responsibility for the death of Mohamad Abu Diab in wake of the Jehlieh incidents yesterday, leaving no room for confessional political deliberations.

Machnouk expressed his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased Abu Diab, while considering that every officer in the Internal Security Forces is a hero in defending the State and the Law.

"Preserving dignities is an exclusive right to no individual or sect...Martyr Rafic Hariri is our conscience, our history, our present and our future, and whoever insults his memory encroaches on the dignity of all the Sunnis and all honorable Lebanese," Machnouk asserted.

He continued to reassure that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri would not relinquish his constitutional undertaking in forming the new government despite all pressures, adding that the Sunnis will not be dragged into strife temptation regardless of any actions.

"We are all Rafic Hariri in his moderation, wisdom and balance...What has been going on in Lebanon for months falls far from the path of forming a national unity government. It is a decision to effectively delay the political process...but the State will not give up," vowed Machnouk.

Source: National News Agency

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