Friday, January 24
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Othman Reveals The Date Of Holding Official Talks Between Baghdad And Erbil

Baghdad, Kurdish leader Mahmoud Othman revealed the date of holding official talks between Baghdad and Erbil on the outstanding issues between them.

Othman Told NINA "The Kurdistan region will form special committees after the formation of the new regional government, and this will take two to three weeks, as the region is waiting to complete the cabinet of the federal government, to start official dialogues to resolve outstanding problems between Baghdad and Arbil."

"Massoud Barzani's recent visit to Baghdad was positive and opened new horizons for relations between Baghdad and Erbil after a period of political deadlock," he said.

"The Kurdistan Democratic Party, the winner of parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan region, will call the rest of the Kurdish parties, next week, for talks to form a new government, which will be led by Masroor Barzani or Nechirvan Barzani."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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