Tuesday, September 29
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Badr: We Did Not Nominate Any Minister In The Current Government

Baghdad, The head of the Badr parliamentary bloc Hassan Shaker al-Kaabi said that his bloc did not nominate any minister in the current government and this is clear to all.

Al-Kaabi said in a press statement that "the security ministries are very important for the continued security of Iraq and must speed up the resolution of the portfolios of internal and defense," explaining that "the objection to the nomination of Faleh Fayyad came late and was supposed to come from the beginning."

"The Fatah coalition is capable to pass al- Fayyad, but we are keen on dialogue about the candidates for the ministries," he said, adding that "Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi is the one who nominated Fayyad to the Interior and has the right to replace him if he is not convinced.

He pointed out that "the poor services are not linked to security, but service ministries, and the House of Representatives has the right to do its work in the event of a security flaw and we have the right to question any minister in the event of proven shortcomings, noting that the government and parliament must to work to please the people and must feel in the citizen and address issue of deteriorating services ".

"We have to speed up the formation of the government, and must respect the opinion of the other and we must give an opportunity for the Prime Minister to carry out his mandate and do his work."

He pointed out that "at the time of voting on Faleh al-Fayyad to the Interior Ministry, Bader Bloc will determine its position, and the others have the right to object to the nomination of some personalities to the ministries, but the parliament is the place to determine that."

He attributed the failure of the ministries of interior and defense to the presence of useful rings which are the leaders of operations, and mandating Abdul Mahdi is a positive and has good results.

He pointed out that in the event of failure of any minister, the parliament will withdraw confidence and ask him to replace him, and if the government of Abdul-Mahdi fails after giving them sufficient time, the parliament is ready to question him and withdraw confidence.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency