Monday, August 3
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Hakim, Allawi Emphasize The Importance Of Naming Competent And Loyal Candidates For Vacant Ministries

BAGHDAD, The head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim discussed with the head of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi the latest developments in the political situation in Iraq and the region.

A statement from his office said the two sides "stressed the need to crown the successes achieved in Iraq by providing services and providing jobs and fighting corruption."

The two sides discussed the next steps to strengthen the role of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance in the political process and to emphasize the support of the government and enable it to implement its program and to fill ministries vacant with competent and loyal.

The two sides stressed the "centrality of Iraq as a bridge for communication rather than an arena for intersections in the regional arena because of the potential and diversity it has capable of serving the region to reduce tension in it."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency