Tuesday, September 29
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Syrian Yazan al-Masri wins best documentary award at Moscow International Journalism Festival

Moscow, A new Syrian achievement has been attained by Syrian young journalist Yazan al-Masri who ranked first at Moscow International Festival for Young Journalists through his short documentary which talks about Russian military reporters in Syria.

The award harvested by Yazan comes as a translation of the innovative and academic biography of Syrian youths who have been studying journalism at the Friendship University in Moscow from four years.

The documentary shows the bravery of Russian reporters during the terrorist war waged against Syria, al-Masri told SANA.

The documentary has received long applauses and a very warm welcome, and it gained the first award at the festival as the best short documentary for 2018.

The festival is annually held with a wide international participation and it is one of the most important cinematic activities in Moscow as the participants in it are professional and specialized in this domain.

My winning was a great surprise to me as I was overwhelmed with happinessthis winning has consolidated the principles of determination and persistence inside me to participate and win in events which seem at first sight impossible for me, al-Masri added.

Al-Masri called upon Syrian youths to go forwards in developing their talents and to work on enhancing their capabilities and to refine their skills to contribute to upgrading the intellectual and social development in Syria on all levels.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency