Monday, January 27
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Maronite Bishops voice concerns over government formation delay

The Council of the Maronite Bishops on Wednesday voiced concerns over further delay in the formation of the new government especially as each party held onto their demands and positions.

"The Fathers are concerned over the absence of any glimpse of hope regarding the government formation, because every side is clinging to their demands and positions, in addition to the recent internal events and the ailing economic and financial conditions," the Council said in a statement following its monthly meeting under the chairmanship of Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi in Bkirki.

Accordingly, conferees called President Michel Aoun to find a solution to the Cabinet hurdle.

Moreover, the Bishops maintained that the situation in Lebanon could no more bear the massive presence of displaced Syrians, renewing calls upon the international community to secure their return regardless the awaited political solution in Syria.

Source: National News Agency

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