Monday, August 3
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PM Khamis to Slovak delegation: Terrorist war against Syria failed

Damascus, Prime Minister Imad Khamis received on Wednesday a Slovak delegation headed by Slovak former Prime Minister Jan Carnogursky.

During the meeting, Khamis stressed the importance of revealing the truth about the terrorist war against the Syrian people to the European public opinion which has been flooded with Western media fabrications, underlining the necessity of cooperation between progressive parties and exchanging expertise in all fields in a way that reflects positively on the interests of their peoples.

Khamis indicated that Syria is on road to sealing a victory over terrorism and restoring safety to all areas, affirming that the terrorist war has failed to undermine Syria's sovereignty and independent national decision thanks to the Syrian people's support for their army and leadership.

Carnogursky, for his part, said the Slovak delegation have had a firsthand account of how normal life has returned to the Syrian cities after defeating terrorism, expressing admiration for the Syrian people's steadfastness and the sacrifices they made to preserve their country's freedom and independence.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency