Sunday, July 12
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UN investigations into violations of the Daesh terrorist organization in Iraq will start early next year

BAGHDAD, The UN investigation into allegations of atrocities by Daesh terrorist organization in Iraq will be launched early next year, the head of the UN investigation team said on Tuesday.

"The investigation team is continuing its preparations in Iraq to start the investigation activities in early 2019," British lawyer Karim Asaad Ahmed Khan, a human rights lawyer for the UN Security Council, told AFP.

He stressed that "the implementation of investigative activities will depend on the cooperation, support and confidence of all elements of Iraqi society."

Since August, his team's investigators have collected evidence of massacres and other atrocities committed by Daesh terrorist organization. "

The United States pledged $ 2 million to support the efforts of UN investigators. "

At the request of Iraq, the Security Council adopted in 2017 a unanimous resolution paving the way for an investigation with the aim of prosecuting elements of the terrorist organization for the crimes they committed.

The United Nations has announced that its special Adviser, head of the investigation team for accountability for the crimes of the Daesh terrorist organization began his duties in Iraq.

A statement issued by the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) said on August 7 that "the Special Adviser, the head of the investigation team for accountability for the crimes Karim Asaad Ahmed Khan began his duties in Iraq on Monday and his visit lasted eight days, noting that the UN official was appointed by resolution Security Council No. 2379/2017 ".

"During the visit, the UN official will take the opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister's Office and other senior officials in the country to initiate the necessary dialogue and cooperation to complete the investigation team's mandate and related terms of reference," the statement said.

The Special Adviser will also work with other interested parties in order to gain a detailed understanding of the context in which the investigation team will work, including the groups of victims and survivors from different communities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency