Sunday, January 26
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Fighters Of Imam Ali Brigade In Eastern Anbar, Defuses A Car Bomb At A Checkpoint In Fallujah

Najaf, Combatants of the Imam Ali, the second brigade, of the popular mobilization in the axis of operations east of Anbar, foiled a car bomb at al-Mouadhafin (employees) checkpoint in the city of Fallujah on Thursday morning.

A source in the media office of the brigade told NINA that "the engineering unit of the Imam Ali Brigade, the second brigade, of the popular mobilization, succeeded in dismantling the car, which contains large quantities of explosives and S4 and was driven by the suicide bomber Othman Ahmed Hammadi Saleh, who was planning to detonate it in the center of the city of Fallujah, according to his first confession. "

He pointed out that "the axis of the operations of the division in eastern Anbar, managed to arrest a large number of wanted terrorists and defuse a number of car bombs and explosive devices hidden at different times.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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