Friday, January 24
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Bassil launches FPM’s anticorruption campaign

Free Patriotic Movement Leader, Caretaker Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Geban Bassil, on Friday confirmed at the launch of FPM's anti-corruption campaign that his political group would continue its relentless fight against corruption.

Bassil also expressed hope that the culture of fighting corruption would become widespread among the Lebanese youth.

"We, as a resistance against corruption, have decided to continue our journey through exposing corruption and lifting any cover that would benefit the corrupt," Bassil said. "We can not build a state in which corruption is rampant," he added.

"Corruption enjoys political coverage and lifting the cover off corruption is a national responsibility. The country is collapsing in the face of corruption, so we will not tolerate this regardless of attempts to damage our reputation," the Minister added.

"Lebanon will liberate itself from corruption. We will build the state that we seek," Bassil concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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