Saturday, August 8
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KDP: Our Candidate For Ministry Of Justice Is Non-Partisan, And PUK Has Not Delivered CV Of Its Candidate To PM

BAGHDAD, The Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc presented its candidate for the Ministry of Justice in the cabinet, Dara Noureddine, asserting that he is a nonpartisan figure.

"The Kurdish dispute is mainly related to the Ministry of Justice portfolio, because our electoral entitlement is 3 ministries, one of which is sovereign and two other are vservices," MP Hendrin Duski told NNA, added "We have obtained financial and housing and have given up the immigration and displaced to the Christian component."

"We have nominated Judge Dara Noureddine to the portfolio of the Justice Ministry, an independent nonpartisan figure, because there is a law in the region that prohibits judges from belonging to any political party," he said.

He added that "the PUK did not submit any biography of their candidate to the Prime Minister to be exposed to the House of Representatives, and Abdul-Mahdi must receive the candidates' CVs to be verified by concerned bodies before sending them to the House of Representatives to vote," noting that " there is no CV for the candidate of the PUK, Khalid Shwani with candidates for vacant portfolios submitted by the Prime Minister. "

The House of Representatives failed last week in its meeting to complete the cabinet after an altercation between the Presidency and Saairun Alliance because of lack of quorum.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency