Wednesday, August 5
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Bazzi: Continuing to waste opportunities tempts Lebanon’s enemies to pass their aggression projects

Member of the "Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Ali Bazzi, warned Sunday against continuing to waste the country's chances, which tempts the enemies of Lebanon to pass their projects of aggression.

Speaking at a memorial service in the town of Burj Qalaweih in the South earlier today, Bazzi considered that the lurking threats should form an impetus for the Lebanese to reach a settlement that would yield a government of national unity the soonest possible.

"The current stage is no longer tolerable of any political luxury in the formation of the government," he added.

Bazzi concluded by stressing the "urgent need for speeding-up the new cabinet formation, especially since the size of the crises and challenges that beset Lebanon requires everyone to assume their national responsibility and show compromise for the nation's sake."

Source: National News Agency