Saturday, August 8
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Falha from Tunisia: For bolstering joint Arab media work

Information Ministry Director General, Dr Hassan Falha, on Tuesday highlighted the paramount importance of bolstering joint Arab media work and elevating it up to the level of the Arab peoples' aspirations.

"This will facilitate communication among Arab countries to serve the common Arab causes and to portray the real picture to the world, away from the current distortions caused by the developments and incidents that overshadowed the main cause, that is the Palestinian cause," Dr Falha said in his address at the Executive Council and General Assembly of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) held in Tunisia.

Dr Falha said: "What humanity has witnessed in terms of knowledge, information and communication over the past 30 years was double than that witnessed in the human history."

As such, Dr Falha said countries and regimes under such technological development can no longer deny access to information, "which is a sacred right."

Falha added that the technical development has traversed the borders and geography of States and undermined their national sovereignty in favor of the tremendous exchange of information and technology.

He said: "States no longer have the control over the orientations of young people and new generations who have assimilated into the modern media at the expense of traditional media."

"The importance of promoting citizenship, democracy, equality and non-discrimination according to belief, color and religion drives us to sturdily shed light on other crucial issues to the public, via media outlets and communication sites, namely trade of arms, medicine and drugs," Falha corroborated.

It is to note that the European and Asian Unions, as well as the Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators are participating in the meetings of the General Assembly of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU).

Attending the ASBU Executive Council and General Assembly meetings on the Lebanese side had been Dr Hassan Falha, Lebanon Radio Station Director Mohammed Ibrahim, and Radio Diwan Head Walid Flaiti.

Source: National News Agency