Wednesday, September 30
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Former Italy PM: Salvini slipped into Israeli trap as to his position on Hezbollah

Italy's former Prime Minister, Massimo D'alema, maintained that Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, had "slipped into" an Israeli trap when he called Lebanese Hezbollah "Islamist terrorists."

"The Interior Minister has slipped into a position the Israelis had lured him into; he is an Interior Ministry that has no relation to foreign policy," D'alema said.

"Italy has determined what terrorism is, that is the organizations affiliated with al-Qaeda and which Hezbollah had faced," he added, accusing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu of "malice."

It is to note that most of Italy's newspapers had published the former PM's remarks.

On the other hand, National News Agency reporter in Rome indicated Thursday that Italy's Ministry of Defense had deemed Slavini's statement as "very concerning," while the Interior Ministry considered his remarks to be "unofficial."

Moreover, our correspondent relayed a climate of reprobation inside the Italian Foreign Ministry.

Speaking to the National News Agency before traveling to the Occupied Lands, Salvini said that the Italian UNIFIL contingent was playing an important role in Lebanon, but made no comment on his position from the Israeli enemy.

It is to note that the Italian Foreign Ministry usually adopts the Defense Ministry's reports regarding any statement on Lebanon, as it recognizes the country's critical situation.

Source: National News Agency