Sunday, September 20
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UN Yemen Medicators in Sweden Announce Plans for Reciprocal Withdrawal in Hodeidah

Stockholm, Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres announced that the Yemeni legitimate government and the Houthi rebels reached an agreement on a number of issues during the consultations held in Rimbo, Sweden.

In a press conference following the final consultations held in Rimbo today, the UN Secretary General said that the two sides agreed on a ceasefire in Hodeidah and other files, including a swap of prisoners of war.

He affirmed that there would be a full withdrawal of troops from the city and port of Hodeidah in addition to offering a supervisory role to the United Nations. He added that the local authorities will make security arrangements.

The UN Secretary General disclosed that the withdrawal includes two stages by the two sides (troops of the Yemeni legitimate government and Houthi rebels) accordance to a specific timetable.

He added that the two sides also agreed to open corridors.

Source: Saudi Press Agency