Wednesday, June 3
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Aswad: Aoun proposed solutions and it remains for those concerned to apply them

Member of Parliament, Ziad Aswad, said on Friday that President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, had proposed cabinet formation solutions, but it remained for those concerned to apply them, especially Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri's team.

"It is not normal to form a government that reflects a smaller image of the House of Parliament," MP Aswad told the Voice of Lebanon radio station, warning that this would make it difficult to hold the cabinet accountable for its future actions.

He also rebuked attempts to push President Aoun to make concessions to facilitate cabinet formation. "Such a request conceals an intention to block the role of the presidency," he added.

Moreover, Aswad noted that Hariri did not have the right not to welcome the deputies of the "Consultative Meeting".

"The independent Sunni deputies are not a bloc, but rather a group that represents a segment of the Sunni community, and this must be highly taken into consideration," he explained.

Source: National News Agency