Saturday, August 8
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Hamoudi, Jubouri Call To Pay Attention To The Demands Of Demonstrators And Iraqi Competencies

BAGHDAD, Hammam Hamoudi, head of the Islamic Supreme Council, discussed with Salim al-Jubouri, former speaker of the House of Representatives, the political situation and entitlements of the current stage, whether it is related to the completion of the government cabinet or the implementation of the government program.

During the meeting, the two sides called for "the need to pay attention to the demands of demonstrators in Basra and other cities, and to mobilize efforts to solve the problems of citizens, especially in the basic service, and to develop plans to benefit from the Iraqi competencies and investment in the reconstruction and development of Iraq.

They also praised the spirit of cooperation and complementarily between the Presidency and the Prime Minister, stressing the importance of concerted efforts of all national forces to make the new experiment succeed, and put the national interest above all partisan and narrow factional considerations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency