Sunday, January 19
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Kataeb calls for swift government formation

Kataeb Party chief, MP Samy Gemayel, on Tuesday chaired the Party's politburo weekly meeting at the Saifi Central House, to discuss most recent political developments and the general situation in the country.

In a statement issued in the wake of the Party's politburo meeting, Kataeb called for a swift formation of a homogeneous government of technocrats, to commence immediately with the implementation of the necessary reforms for Lebanon's salvation.

Kataeb considered that the current situation of the Lebanese financial markets, incoming reports by the international rating institutions, the high interest rates and liquidity drying up are all serious indicators of the seriousness of the economic situation in Lebanon.

On the other hand, the Phalange Party stressed that Lebanon's stability can only be consecrated through the control of the Lebanese legitimate forces over all its territories.

Lastly, Kataeb congratulated the Lebanese, in general, and the Christians, in particular, on the festive season, Christmas and New Year, wishing them peace, stability and good fortune.

Source: National News Agency

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