Saturday, August 8
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Christmas tree lit up in Hasaka amid joy and Christmas songs

Hasaka, Amid an atmosphere of joy accompanied by the Christmas songs, the religious, social and popular activities in Hasaka lit up the Christmas tree in front of the social cultural center of Patriarch Zakka I Iwas affiliated to St. George's Orthodox Church.

Archbishop of al-Jazeera and Euphrates of the Syriac Orthodox Mar Morris said: Today is a day of great joy for all the sons of Hasaka to light up the Christmas tree to express their pleasure and joy at the birth of the Messengerof Peace and at the same time to highly appreciate the great sacrifices made by the heroes of our army until security and security are restored to all of Syria.

Father Kabrail Khajo, in turn, stressed that today's joy and celebrations are important signs for the return of security and safety to every inch of Syrian land.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency