Wednesday, September 30
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Three suspects arrested in the outskirts of Baghdad and the return of /37 / displaced families to their areas in Anbar

BAGHDAD, The Security forces arrested three suspects in criminal and terrorist cases during searches operation in the outskirts of the capital.

According to the Command of the Federal Police Forces said that "the inspection patrols of the vehicles and the verification of the identity of persons within the Nahrawan area, arrested a defendant with a warrant arrest issued against him by the Court of Investigation of Al-Madaen in accordance with Article 413.

It added that "the arrest of another defendant in the checkpoint of the gate, who is required according to Article 406 and according to the decision of the investigation judge of Al-Madaen," noting that "the third accused is required under Article 4 terrorism is required to counter terrorism."

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera Operations Command announced the return of /37 / displaced families from the camps of Amiriyat Al-Fallujah and Habbaniyah, to their areas of Qaim district, where they were expelled by Daesh terrorists gangs.

The security information center said that "the security forces accompanied the families within the responsibility of the control of Akbh to its regions and provided them with food and medicine."

On the other hand, the security forces arrested one of the terrorists who fought our security forces in Fallujah and supporter of terrorist Daesh in the Naimiyah district in Fallujah in Anbar.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency