Wednesday, August 5
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Al-Hakim and Allawi emphasize the need to complete the cabinet and government support

BAGHDAD - The Head of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Al-Hakim, and the Head of the National Coalition IyadAllawi stressed the need to complete the Cabinet and support the government.

"The Head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance Ammar al-Hakim discussed with the leader of the National Coalition IyadAllawi, the political scene and bring the views and unify the visions among the political blocs, especially Reform and Reconstruction on one hand and the block of Construction and let everyone to shoulder his responsibilities towards the Iraqi reality.

The two sides stressed the importance of supporting the government to achieve its service and development, and stressed to take the priorities of the community on the basis of the primacy of the preference of the public interest on private interests.

The two sides renewed the "need that the ministerial positions be for the most efficient and balanced and able one to manage them .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency