Wednesday, June 3
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Trump: We lost the battle of Syria .. and the US policy in two years weakened Iran and its influence in the region

BAGHDAD, US President Donald Trump said that "the United States has lost the battle in Syria."

I did not say that it would take four months, but the return of troops would take some time, "Trump said at a White House cabinet meeting.

"We have lost Syria for a long time and I do not know why we stayed there all this time, we do not want to stay in Syria forever," Trump said.

Trump said his tough policy toward Iran over the past two years has weakened Tehran's power and influence in the region.

"Two years ago, Iran was able to occupy the entire Middle East and control Israel," he said, but we have done that and done what needs to be done."

Trump continued his demand for the world to pay the United States for American support and protection, saying:

There are countries where we can help and do not even vote for us even in the United Nations.

"There are many countries that we have asked to pay money to us for our services," he said.

On December 19, Trump announced the start of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and its return to the United States, without setting a date, on the pretext of the defeat of the Daesh terrorist organization in Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency