Wednesday, August 5
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Moussawi calls for establishing Lebanon’s right to its exclusive economic zone

"Loyalty to the Resistance" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Nawwaf al-Moussawi, called Saturday for taking the necessary action to establish Lebanon's right to its exclusive economic zone.

Moussawi's words came during his meeting with the Secretary-General of the Lebanese World Cultural University Executive Council - Cyprus Branch, Charbel Yunan, and Advisor to the President of the National Executive Council for International Affairs - Cyprus, Kamal Baddah, accompanied by a delegation.

Talks centered on several issues of concern, most prominently the Cyprus agreement on defining the exclusive economic zone with the Zionist enemy. "When Cyprus concluded this agreement with the Zionist enemy, it negatively impacted Lebanon's rights to its exclusive economic zone," said Moussawi.

"For this reason, Lebanon today is under the enemy's aggression represented by claiming that an area of more than 860 square meters belongs to the Zionist entity," Moussawi explained.

He pointed out that "the agreement concluded by the government of PM Fouad Siniora on 17/1/2007 is baseless for many reasons, especially since the Lebanese Parliament did not conclude this agreement nor was it briefed on its details due to our political team's belief in the illegitimacy of the Siniora government back then, and its unconstitutionality during the period in which the border agreement with Cyprus was signed."

Moussawi stressed that "the new Lebanese government should take the necessary measures to establish Lebanon's right to its exclusive economic zone, including all the needed measures at the international legal level or the required political and diplomatic positions to that effect."

Source: National News Agency