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National Coalition: The resolved of candidates for the position of the Ministry of Defense and names are under the order of the PM

BAGHDAD, The National Coalition confirmed that its leader Iyad Allawi presented to the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, a group of nominations on behalf of the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction to serve as Minister of Defense.

The Coalition said in a press statement that "Allawi resolved the nomination file and gave the names, there is no room for the nomination of new names," denying his knowledge of the names promoted by some media, including Major General Mohammed al-Ani, who was not among the names nominated by Allawi to fill the post.

The House of Representatives voted in the last week of the last year to give confidence to the candidates of the portfolios of Education and Displaced and did not agree to the nomination of Faisal al-Jarba to the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense, and then the presidency decided to raise the meetings to the eighth of January.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency