Wednesday, June 3
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Khreiss: No economic summit in Beirut without Syria and without a government

Liberation and Development" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Ali Khreiss, said Sunday that there will be no economic summit in Beirut without Syria's participation and without having a new government in Lebanon.

"There is no summit in Beirut without Syria and without a government, and they must initiate reconciliation with Syria and invite it to attend the summit," Khreis said during a memorial ceremony in the Southern town of Burj Rahhal earlier today.

"Lebanon needs Syria more than Syria needs Lebanon," he underlined.

Concerning the stalled cabinet formation, Khreiss called for "giving up the quota for the sake of the nation."

"The fate of Lebanon will not be in the hands of people or groups," he emphasized, questioning about the responsible side for the economic and social tragedy and corruption currently witnessed in the country.

Khreiss noted that any move must be at the national level with a clear program, voicing herein Amal Movement's support for the people's rights and demands.

Source: National News Agency