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Afram: Lebanon will continue to be under storm’s impact for more than 60 consecutive hours

Director-General of the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, Michel Afram, has indicated that Lebanon will remain for more than 60 consecutive hours under the influence of the storm, which will increase in the next few hours.

The expected weather at night will be stronger than we have seen during the day and snowfall will reach 800 meters and less, while ice is expected to form at 600 meters altitude, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, he added.

Afram stressed the need to take utmost precaution regarding the ice forming in the Bekaa starting from the hours of the night, noting that strong winds may accelerate at 110 kilometers per hour.

It is to worth mentioning that all roads starting from an altitude of 1500 meters are currently inaccessible for ordinary cars, while the accumulated snow is also impeding cars equipped with metal chains and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Source: National News Agency