Wednesday, June 3
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Foreign Ministry condemns new Israeli aggression: to file complaint to Security Council

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned in a statement issued today "the new Israeli aggression against Lebanese sovereignty by building a wall and installations inside the Lebanese territory at points contested by Lebanon on the Blue Line near the colony named Miskav Aam."

"The Security Council should meet, and the international community should deal with this clear and obvious violation of Resolution 1701, as it did with the complaint made by the Israeli enemy. After the meeting of the Supreme Council of Defense, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil gave instructions to the representative of Lebanon to the Security Council to file a complaint before the Security Council against Israel's land violations which constitute a flagrant violation of resolution 1701 and threaten stability in the south and the region. He also called on all Lebanese diplomatic missions abroad to explain the Lebanese position on this new Israeli aggression," the statement read.

Source: National News Agency