Monday, November 30
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Bassil: We only know February 6, 2006, so that unity alone prevails among the Lebanese

Free Patriotic Movement Chief, Caretaker Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, likened his Movement to the Lebanese Army in its "devotion to Lebanon."

Speaking at the end of a closed meeting by the Movement at Mont La Salle this afternoon, Bassil said, "We only know February 6 in Mar Mikhael, and we do know the other February 6, for we were not involved...We held the February 6 Understanding so that there would only be unity and affinity between the Lebanese."

"There are many who wish to harm us [FPM], but the stronger the attack, the more powerful we are," Bassil went on.

"As for those Party members who worked against the FPM during the parliamentary elections, their termination decisions have begun," Bassil disclosed. He continued to address "those who hold grudges for failing to achieve parliamentary or ministerial seats," calling on them to "leave the Movement, and it shall go on."

Bassil concluded by stating that the existence of barricades, debts and corruption was not in the days of the Free Patriotic Movement, stressing that "FPM worked to eliminate barriers, establish understanding and combat corruption."

Source: National News Agency