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Aboul Gheit visits Hariri: I thanked him for Lebanon’s preparations to host a good summit

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri received this evening at the Center House the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and discussed with him the situation in the Arab countries and the ongoing preparations for the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit.

After the meeting, Aboul Gheit said: I was honored to meet with Prime Minister Hariri this evening and thanked him for Lebanon's preparations to host a good summit. I have also presented to him a report about the main agenda items of this summit.

We talked about today's achievement, where the agenda and all the draft resolutions have been adopted and they are undoubtedly very good decisions because they address economic, social and environmental dimensions needed by the Arab world and the Arab countries, including electricity, solid waste, trade zone, agriculture and food.

On the other hand, with regard to the social dimension of this summit, there are decisions concerning women, children, elderly, and how Arab countries take specific positions to achieve a great leap in the life of the Arab person. The slogan of the summit is: Arab human beings towards development.

There is also a very important decision regarding the digital economy and how it unleashes the energies of Arab countries, just like the countries that preceded us in East Asia or China.

We talked about the attendance, and I confirmed my point of view, as I said at the press conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, that although the attendance is important, the results of the summit, its decisions and programs would be the most significant achievements.

Asked about the Lebanese political crisis, he said: It is a crisis that has lasted for some time, but I think that the Lebanese are capable of reaching a satisfactory settlement that serves the interests of this country, which I always call the civilized and elegant country. Reaching the formation of the government and launching Lebanon's energies will confirm stability, for which we should all work.

Asked if he perceived any development through his meetings today, he said: There is a sentiment that we are approaching the end of this situation.

Source: National News Agency