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Riachi tours Jezzine: The mere convening of the Summit is a positive matter, some internal conflicts prevented a better performance, attendance

"The mere convening of the Arab Summit is positive and good for Lebanon, and some internal conflicts have unfortunately hindered the improvement in performance and attendance," said Caretaker Information Minister, Melhem Riachi, on Saturday.

He called on the President and the Prime Minister-designate to "hold an emergency session by the current caretaker cabinet in order to facilitate people's affairs and solve their issues," adding that "many obstacles still exist in the face of forming a new government."

Riachi's words came during his tour in the region of Jezzine today, which he began from the town of Wadi Baanqudain where he laid a floral wreath in front of the Lebanese Forces Martyrs Memorial Statue.

As a word of tribute to the fallen martyrs, Riachi pledged to remain deeply attached to the roots of the land, which they sacrificed their lives to preserve.

In the town of Jezzine, Riachi planted a cedar tree in a land belonging to the Lebanese Forces. He then inspected the old market and attended luncheon held in his honor, followed by a meeting with LF partisans.

In his speech on the occasion, Riachi thanked the people and dignitaries of Jezzine and fellow partisans for their warm reception, saying: "Jezzine is in the heart of Beirut and Maarab, and in the heart of the Lebanese Forces Party Chief."

Riachi recalled the Maarab Understanding that occurred on a similar day three years ago, hoping that reconsideration would be given to the essence of this historic Christian reconciliation.

Source: National News Agency