Tuesday, July 14
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Kataeb meets in session to discuss latest political developments

Kataeb Party head, MP Sami Gemayel, on Wednesday presided over the periodic meeting of the Party's politburo at the Saifi Central House, to discuss most recent political developments and the general situation in the country.

In a statement issued in the wake of the meeting, Kaateb said that the Arab messages conveyed via the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit were not "encouraging", saying Lebanon is paying nowadays the price for its involvement in regional crises.

The Phalange Party called for committment to the policy of impartiality to render Lebanon a spot for Arab dialogue, "a country open to all."

The Party stressed that Lebanon's supreme interest lies in maintaining its historic Arab and international friendships.

On the other hand, Kataeb hailed the Bkirki initiative which brought together the Maronite heads of parliamentary blocs, MPs and ministers, given the dire need for action by all sides to salvage the nation.

Source: National News Agency