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Bukhari in Sidon at the invitation of Siniora: Ensuring Lebanon’s security, stability is the Kingdom’s message

Saudi Kingdom Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, affirmed Saturday his country's keenness on preserving the security and stability of Lebanon as being its core message.

Bukhari's words came during a visit to Sidon earlier today at the invitation by former Prime Minister, Future Parliamentary Bloc Head MP Fouad Siniora, where he met with heads and representatives of civil and youth associations.

Bukhari referred to the encounter as "Bridges 3" which he placed within the framework of initiatives launched by the Saudi Embassy under the same headline in more than one Lebanese region. The meeting was an occasion to tackle a number of political, economic, social and developmental topics and latest hour issues.

The Saudi Ambassador thanked Siniora for this valuable initiative, saying, "The Saudi diplomacy is beginning to witness a change in orientation towards the human being. In other words, after evaluating the level of bilateral relations last year, we embarked on a mini strategy, namely the Kingdom's sustainable diplomacy in Lebanon that is based on the Lebanese citizen regardless of his affiliation, sect or location," Bukhari explained.

He added: "The Saudi Kingdom cares a lot, and its message in Lebanon ever since the times of its Founder, King Abdul Aziz, God rest his soul, up until this moment has always been and remains a great keenness on preserving the security, sovereignty, stability and prosperity of Lebanon...and this has not changed."

"The level of this distinguished relationship that binds us to Lebanon in brotherly ties and continuous communication is a source of pride and honor," Bukhari asserted.

"The Saudi Embassy in Lebanon has launched an initiative entitled, Bridges, which involves communication with all areas of Lebanon and all the centers, strategic studies and NGOs within Lebanon, while adding a new axis which is the Lebanese Diaspora, through our embassies and through the Lebanese embassies worldwide," the Saudi diplomat went on.

"We consider that the Lebanese have proved their true worth throughout the past decades, with their great expertise and high efficiency and qualifications...for wherever the Lebanese exists, we find opportunities for creativity, investment and economy," Bukhari underlined.

For his part, Siniora valued the Saudi Ambassador's relentless efforts in reaching out to various Lebanese cities, regions and in opening-up to the various Lebanese components, hoping for more of such important communication-boosting initiatives in the future.

Source: National News Agency