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Abi Khalil after Strong Lebanon bloc meeting: We all hope government will see light this week, everything done within Bassil’s initiative

"We hope that the government will see the light this week," said caretaker Minister of Energy and Water, Caesar Abi Khalil, as he read out the statement issued in the wake of the "Strong Lebanon" bloc meeting this Tuesday.

"All the progress made has been within the framework of the initiative launched by caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, which adopts clear ideas and respects the standards of fair representation," he stressed.

"We believe that with clear ideas that set clear criteria for representation and mutual concessions, the government can see the light this week. If it does, after all this work, next week we will have a different position, because then it would become clear that there is an intention to disrupt the government formation," Abi Khalil said.

"We are against disruption at the parliamentary and governmental levels. We favor parliamentary work within the framework of the Constitution and the laws in force, all for the continuity of the State and public administrations," the minister concluded.

Source: National News Agency