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Halbousi: Iraq Does Not Want To Be A Battleground For Conflicts, But Seeks To Become A Meeting Point For All

BAGHDAD, Iraq does not want to be a battleground for conflicts, but seeks to become a meeting point for all, parliament speaker Mohammed al-Halbusi said.

Al-Halbousi said during his meeting in London, with the official of the Middle East file, deputy British national security adviser, adviser to the Prime Minister for Security and Counterterrorism, Christian Turner, Iraq's keenness to strengthen its relations with Arab and regional countries and the international community in accordance with the principle of common interests and respect for mutual sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, confirmed that Iraq does not wish to be a battleground for conflicts, but seeks to become the point of convergence of all.

He said: "Iraq has won its fight against terrorism, which was not achieved without the unity of Iraq and the Iraqis and support his friends, pointing to the importance of continued support; to eliminate extremist thought."

Al-Halbusi called for "support and rehabilitation of Iraq through the reconstruction and participation of British companies in this area, and the return of displaced persons, as well as intelligence support and training of Iraqi forces and work to restore stability to the cities."

For his part, the British official confirmed continuing support of his country to Iraq, and the commitment to stand by Iraq to face security and economic challenges and reconstruction efforts.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency