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Hariri from Baabda: Cooperation between ministers a duty to face challenges

Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Thursday said after the announcement of the new government at Baabda Palace: "A long time has passed, but we have finally formed a government that reflects the image of Lebanon 2019.

Hariri pledged to remain in a united team with the President of the Republic in the service of the country.

We apologize to the Lebanese for the delay. Many social and economic challenges await the cabinet, Hariri added.

He stressed that theoretical solutions would not resolve existing problems, but opted instead for a clear program that tackles all the challenging issues.

Some matters can no longer afford delays and compromises. Cooperation between ministers is a duty in a bid to face the current challenges, the PM said.

He went on to make clear that funding was available, yet implementation decisions were required. These decisions need serious administrative reforms.

"Our presence in the government is not an easy task, and we have no choice but to assume our responsibilities and rely on all the ministers to build the state," he said.

Hariri thanked President of the Republic Michel Aoun, Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea, and Minister Gebran Bassil, who have exerted great efforts.

"The first cabinet meeting will be held on Saturday at 11:30 am, Hariri added.

Source: National News Agency