Saturday, May 25
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Italian PM Conte welcomes the formation of the new Lebanese government

The President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, welcomes the formation of the new Lebanese Government, led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the Italian Embassy in Beirut indicated in a press release on Friday.

Conte said: "This long-awaited and positive development will contribute to strengthening the stability, unity and prosperity of the Country.

Italy stands by the Lebanese people and its institutions along the path of peace, dialogue and social cohesion. Wishing full success to the new Government, Italy encourages all political forces to maintain a clear dissociation from regional crises and renews its strong commitment to the security of Lebanon, as confirmed by its role within UNIFIL.

Reiterating the historical bonds of friendship with the country of the Cedars, President Conte is glad to meet next week with the President of the Lebanese Republic, the President of the Parliament and the Prime Minister, in a pivotal moment for the future of the Country."

Source: National News Agency

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