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Member of the Parliamentary Finance: No quota for the share of Kurdistan in the general budget 2019 except for a lump sum per month

Baghdad The parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the federal budget for the year 2019 does not include any specific percentage of the share of the Kurdistan region, but allocated a lump sum per month.

"The share of the province in the budget of 2019, about 11 trillion dinars, which is a lump sum, as there is no specific percentage of Kurdistan within the final version voted by the House of Representatives," said committee member ShirwanMirza, in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency.

He added that "the lump sum is 9 trillion and 783 billion dinars, and the amount of 68 billion dinars for the salaries of the Peshmerga forces monthly, in addition to salaries of employees and petrodollar allocations and development of regions," noting that "the Finance Committee addressed the points of disagreement by agreeing to increase allocations of liberated areas, And the share of the Kurdistan region, and the allocation of salaries and the conduct of transfers in some sections of the budget.

The House of Representatives voted on the federal budget in 2019 in the early hours of last Thursday morning two weeks ago, while the speaker of parliament Mohamed Halbusi announced the end of the first legislative term of the fourth parliamentary session.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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