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Nasrallah confirms new Lebanese government not controlled by Hezbollah

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday confirmed in a televised speech aired via Al-Manar TV channel that the new Lebanese Government was not controlled by Hezbollah. He also affirmed that the new Lebanese Health Minister was close to Hezbollah, but not a member of the party.

In his speech, the Hezbollah chief mainly focused on the situation in Lebanon after the formation of the government.

We need calm. We need to take a breath. We need to stay away from media debates. Most importantly, we need to opt for more convergence, Nasrallah said as recommending what the post cabinet formation atmosphere should be like.

"The government stands before huge bids and major deadlines," he said, stepping up calls on political parties to recognize the crucial nature of dossiers to be addressed by the government, especially due to their highly sensitive content, especially on the economic and financial levels.

Moreover, Nasrallah expressed his belief that at the forefront of fortifying the economic situation was the fight against corruption and financial squandering.

Hezbollah was not present during the debate on the abolition of the anti-corruption portfolio," he said, stressing his political party's keenness on implementing all the necessary decisions to fight corruption.

The Hezbollah Chief then touched on issues involving the people's livelihood. If we continue to solve things from personal, partisan, or regional perspectives, we will never reach the aspired solutions � solutions to matters that involve the lives of people deserve to be assessed and addressed quietly and patiently.

Nasrallah also capitalized on the fact that the Council of Ministers must be transformed into a real discussion council, and that the ministers should study the proposed items and not only vote in favor or against them.

Most importantly, Nasrallah pointed out that all the issues that are directly linked to the fate of the people should not be discussed via social media.

The Ministry of Health serves all of the Lebanese. It is neither the property of the minister who runs it, nor the property of the party that he represents, Nasrallah added.

"Minister Jamil Jabbaq is not a Hezbollah member, but he is efficient, friendly, reliable and independent, he explained.

Nasrallah made clear that his political party has given priority to the country's best interest by means of selecting a non-partisan minister to assume the Ministry of Health and to prevent negative repercussions.

He also denied that "the new government is run by Hezbollah," as Netanyahu and others claim. The Zionist PM is provoking the US, European countries, and the Gulf states against the Lebanese government, claiming it is controlled by Hezbollah.

This government is composed of political forces and we, as Hezbollah, are one of its components," Nasrallah maintained.

He wished of those on the internal scene who accuse the government to be that of Hezbollah not to do so because this does not fall in the interest of Lebanon."

He referred to the "understanding" of Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement on February 6, 2006, describing it as a great step that had been manifested during the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in July 2006, stressing Hezbollah's belief in this understanding.

He also hinted to "the desire of some sides to end this understanding by pouring oil on fire over some issues with the hope of enflaming the situation between both sides.

Source: National News Agency

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