Sunday, May 26
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Jarrah after ministerial statement meeting: We have finalized statement drafting

Minister of Information Jamal Jarrah announced after the second meeting of the ministerial committee responsible for drafting the ministerial statement that said committee "has finalized the statement drafting, as promised by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and there will be a meeting at 2:00 pm tomorrow to read the final version and approve it."

He noted that "there have been some corrections, additions and eliminations, so the statement has been completed and approved."

Jarrah explained that "the wording of the ministerial statement of the previous government has been adopted with regard to the item touching on the Resistance," pointing out that "the Russian initiative is the only one possible to deal with over the issue of displaced Syrians."

"We, as a country, are committed to distancing ourselves from the events in the region. We are not the ones who decide the relationship with Syria. It is the League of Arab States that has suspended its membership. And so, we abide by the decision of the League," he said, noting that "the wording of the previous ministerial statement was adopted with regard to the International Tribunal, the issue of Palestinian brothers and other important topics. There were some minor reservations that we hope will be resolved tomorrow."

Source: National News Agency

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