Sunday, August 25
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Bassil chairs workshop for enhancing Lebanon’s economic relations with Diaspora

Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil on Friday chaired a workshop to discuss means of enhancing economic and trade relations between Lebanon and the Lebanese emigrants across the world, held at the Royal Hotel in Dbayeh.

The workshop was attended by newly appointed Minister of Economy and Trade, Mansour Bteish, and Minister of State for Foreign Trade Affairs Hassan Murad, in addition to the new economic attaches appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the first time.

The Director of Economic Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Bilal Qabalan, said that "the consecration of economic diplomacy requires a clear strategy at the level of missions abroad taking into account the internal conditions, national potentials and partnership with the Lebanese emigrants."

In his delivered word, Minister Bassil underscored the paramount importance of cooperation between the ministries of foreign affairs, economy and foreign trade affairs in boosting the Lebanese economy and achieving its advancement, notably the increase of Lebanese exports.

Addressing the newly appointed economic attaches, Bassil the significant role they shall play in boosting Lebanon's foreign trade.

Source: National News Agency

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