Sunday, August 25
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SaadiBira: The position of the Governor of Kirkuk is of the share of the PUK exclusively

Sulaymaniyah - A leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced that the Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament will be determined, and the formation of the new government will start soon.

Spokesman for the PUK SaadiBira said in a press conference after the meeting of the Political Bureau today, that during the meeting of the Kurdistan Parliament to be scheduled on the eighteenth of this month, will determine the Presidency in Parliament, and the formation of the new government."

He pointed out that a new Governor will be selected for Kirkuk, and will be the Kurdish component and from the Patriotic Union specifically.

He stressed the importance of uniting the visions and positions between the Kurdish parties, and the need to solve problems by peaceful means.

He pointed out that "the situation in Kirkuk is not good and that the province has a special situation and it is necessary to resolve problems and differences in them."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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