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Sila Expo declares revival of Syrian leather industry

Damascus, The International Expo for Leather Industry and Footwear Sila which kicked off at Damascus Fairgrounds on Feb. 5th was an occasion to declare the revival of shoes and leather industry in Syria after eight years of suffering from many difficulties which have faced the industrialists and artisans in this sector.

The four-day expo in which about 150 Syrian, Arab and foreign companies participated was a platform for promoting not only the products of the participants, but the products of all leather industries in Syria.

Indian, Iranian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Lebanese, Iraqi and Jordanian companies participated in the event which is considered a significant gate for Syrian industrialists to announce their return to the foreign markets after the difficult circumstances which they have passed through during the terrorist war waged against their country.

Tens of Arab and foreign businessmen were invited to participate in the expo and inspect the high-quality Syrian products, and to discuss the possibility of signing contracts to export these products.

SANA's camera toured the expo and met a number of industrialists who participated in it and the organizers of the event.

Secretary-General of Arab Federation of Leather Industries Mohammad Kazara affirmed the importance of the expo and the displayed products.

Kazara added that the expo has witnessed a huge turnout by Arab and foreign businessmen who were interested in the displayed Syrian products which have preserved their quality despite of all difficult circumstances which Syria has passed over the past eight years.

He underlined the importance of the Syrian leather industry which has revived after terrorism has been eradicated from the country, adding that the expo represents an opportunity for starting to export Syrian products to the international markets.

Head of the Regional Bureau of the Arab Federation for Leather Industries in Jordan Nassir Diyabat said that Jordan's participation in the Expo was effective and the participation of Jordanian leather merchants in the expo would open new prospects of cooperation with Syrian industrialists.

The most important thing in the expo is that is allows us to display our products as participants and it contributes to developing leather industry, Hamza Abajyia from Zina Shoes Co. in Aleppo said.

He added that the We hope that all required facilitations will be provided for the exportation of the Syrian leather products to be able to reach Arab and foreign markets.

Participants in the expo highly appreciated the deep-rootedness of the leather industries in Syria, asserting the need for such events to revive leather industry and to promote the Syrian products.

The goal behind the expo is to building bridges between the participating Arab and foreign delegations and the Syrian industrialists after overcoming all obstacles facing leather industry in Syria in coincidence with restoring security to most areas across the country.

The participation of Arab delegations in the expo is a message to the whole world that the Syrian industry is reviving and it is stronger than ever.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency